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Life Insurance Quotes Over 50

Life insurance quotes over 50 can be found online line if you know where to look. Typical events that trigger the purchase of life insurance include getting married, buying a new home, and deciding to start a family. Of course, many younger people buy term life insurance because it is more affordable. That way, they can buy enough coverage to take care of a mortgage, children, and a spouse.

The only problem is that these same individuals or couples get to middle age and realize that they have outlived their term policies. That is good news, but they also realize that they have not outlived their need need for life insurance. If this describes you, it is time to consider shopping for life insurance quotes over 50.

Best Life Insurance Quotes over 50

The good news is that turning 50 does not disqualify most people for almost all choices of good life insurance policies. We can help you compare life insurance online with our simple Internet quote system. We work with some of the best life insurance companies in the nation. But before you shop for a new policy, you may want to explore some of your alternatives:

  • Term: You can still get life insurance after you turn 50 for 10- and 20-year term policies.
  • Whole life: You may consider lifetime coverage that never expires and may also grow a cash account.
  • Universal life: This is another kind of permanent life insurance that is more flexible and may also provide a sort of life insurance savings option or way to build an asset.

Term Life Insurance Quotes over 50

You may decide to choose a term life insurance policy for seniors, and this will probably be the cheapest solution. At fifty, you may still be able to qualify without a physical, but you will need to answer some medical questions on the application. If you do decide to buy no exam life insurance for seniors, you may find that it costs more than a comparable policy that does require an exam.

These are sample life term insurance quotes over 50 for a female in Arkansas who wants a 20-year no physical term policy and is in good health without tobacco use:

  • $250,000: $51.30
  • $100,000: $26.10

Whole Life Insurance Quotes over 50

The biggest problem with buying term when you are older is that it will expire, and then you will either go without coverage or need to buy another policy. Also, term underwriting guidelines may be stricter than they are for whole life. While permanent life insurance costs more, it can grow a cash value and will not expire after a certain amount of time elapses. We specialize in cheap life insurance for seniors without an exam.

You can buy a fairly modest face value just to make sure your family has plenty of money to settle your affairs and provide a nice funeral if you pass away. These are some example whole life insurance quotes over 50 for a Texas woman who doesn’t smoke and is in fairly good health for her age:

  • $15,000 face value: $37.13
  • $20,000 face value: $48.77

Which Over 50 Life Insurance is Best?

The best solution for you really depends upon the amount of life insurance you need and your budget. Because term rates are more affordable, it is possible to afford more coverage. However, permanent life insurance doesn’t expire and can grow a cash value that may be borrowed against or cashed in later.

Also, people with health problems may even qualify for guaranteed issue whole life policies that do not ever require the answers to any health questions. These are sometimes called burial policies or final expense life insurance because they help families plan for the cost of a funeral.

Let Us Find Affordable Life Insurance After 50

We can provide online life insurance quotes that get delivered right to your PC or other Internet device. If you have questions, we also provide personal service from licensed agents right on the phone. All of our clients have different situations, so there is not one best over 50 life insurance choice for all of them. By providing Internet life insurance quotes and personal service, we hope to help as many people as possible find the best life insurance for themselves and their families. We even offer affordable life insurance for seniors over 70.